Church Staff

  • Melissa Hoyt
    Office Administrator

    Melissa brings experience in business as an assistant office manager, previously a small business owner for five years, which she built up and subsequently sold, and as a volunteer in church record keeping. She has worked as a substitute teacher in public schools and as a preschool teacher at a church in Baytown.

    She attended Chenier Business School, Lamar University in Beaumont, and Lee College in Baytown where she earned her Associate’s Degree in Education. She has also taken accounting, computer, and business courses.

    She grew up in Winnie and has family in this area. She is married with two sons. One is finding his way and residing in Dallas and the other is in the seventh grade and loves robotics, camping and tubing.

    She and her family enjoys movies, board games, camping, anything with the water (fishing, swimming, etc.) and just hanging out at their home.

  • Deanna Weitzel
    Day School Director 

    Deanna has been Director of our Day School since 2008, but she first began working there in 1989 as a Teacher Assistant.  She uses creativity and continuing education for the teachers to make our Day School the best it can be.


    Deanna and her husband Teddy have 2 children and 2 precious grandchildren! She is our Wonder Woman here at St. Andrew's Day School and we are so lucky to have her as our Director!

  • Levi Duncan
    Director of Music Ministry.

    A 2014 Lamar graduate, Levi has served as Associate Director of Music and comes highly recommended by Dr. Jim Fuller. In 2015 he founded the Southeast Texas Vocal Artists, a group of about 35 exceptionally talented volunteers who gather weekly. STVA has been invited to perform at the Texas Choral Directors state convention and also at St. Anthony Basilica. St. Andrew’s will now serve as the home base for this exceptional choir to rehearse.

    In addition to his musical accomplishments, Mr. Duncan is an exceptionally pleasant young man. His enthusiasm, sense of purpose, and his expressions of faith in God are infectious. They serve as evidence to why so many people are eager to sing under his direction.

  • Thomas Furlow


Church Officers


Session Elders

Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021
Martha Pate
Judy Phillips
Becky Thompson

Don Shaver

Steve Richardson

Linda Sparkman

Luke Nichols

Bruce Burnside
Bruce Partain
Karen Spivey
Clerk of Session: Bruce Partain

Board of Deacons

  Class of 2021  

Nancy Hale

Charlotte Schwarzlose

Billy Singletary

Tomi Yezak



  Class of 2021  

Murray Anderson

Bill Hale

Mary Ann Roe


Foundation Board of Directors

Class of 2019 Class of 2020 Class of 2021


Ralph Lunsford

Andy Quigley

Steve Odle

Martha Pate

Peg Towers

Elizabeth Petit

Becky Newman

Bob Webb

Committee Chairs

Administration:   Steve Richardson and Don Shaver
Fellowship:   Bruce Burnside and Linda Sparkman
Evangelism:   Tammy Markum
Christian Education:   Karen Spivey
Mission:   Luke Nichols and Dave Darchuk
Worship:   Bruce Partain and Paige Neyland


What is a Deacon?  

The word deacon is derived from the Greek diakonos which means “servant.”  The diaconate is the Board of Deacons.  The office of Deacon, as set forth in Scripture, is one of SYMPATHY, WITNESS and SERVICE, after the example of Jesus Christ. Acts 6:1-7; Phil. 1:1; I Tim. 3:8-15  


The mission of the Board of Deacons at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church is to provide leadership in ministries of personal care-giving (Book of Order, G-2.02). It is the duty of Deacons, first of all, to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless and to any who may be in distress.  

The current Deacon Officers are:  

Moderator: Charlotte Schwarzlose

Staff liaison: Julie Odle (Pastoral Care Coordinator)  


Diaconate Ministry Teams

The diaconate is composed of various ministry teams and each ministry team is described as follows, with its chair and membership noted.  


Pastoral Care
A team of volunteers devoted to caring for those in a current life “crisis” who meet every week to pray for and to call and/or visit at least 1/4 of those on their list.
‘We Care’ Cards
These poster cards go to people or families in crisis.  Julie Munro decorates them. Betty Richey attaches the name of the recipient, displays them out on tables in the sanctuary for people to sign, and makes sure they get delivered.
Home Communion
This team assigns worship teams of two to bring Communion to the home-bound on the Sunday that Communion is offered in the church service. However, at this time, due to COVID, Home Communion is temporarily suspended until further notice.  

Funeral Visitation
This ministry provides refreshments during the visitation part of a funeral service.  It also provides for greeters if the funeral service is on a different day. Pat Buehrle coordinates the reception in the parlor and finds the greeters.

One on One Grief Support
This team works with the Pastoral Care Team to match those who have lost a loved one with volunteers who will support the bereaved with cards, phone calls and visits for up to a year.
Calder Woods
This ministry offers a worship service with communion to the residents on the first Sunday of the month. Barbara Abel leads this ministry every first Sunday of the month, along with the help of faithful volunteers.


Drivers on Demand
This service provides transportation for those who do not drive.  Calls are made from a list of volunteers who will run errands or take folks shopping or to appointments.

Christmas Caroling
This team and the Pastoral Care Team identify shut-ins who would like to receive carolers at Christmas time. Deacons and choir members lead groups of volunteers to sing to them.