• Why Parables Matter
    C. S. Lewis said, “There comes a moment when people who have been dabbling in religion ('man's search for God'!) suddenly draw back. Supposing we really found Him? We never meant it to come to that! Worse still, supposing He had found us?” But wait? We were supposed to find… Read more »
  • Where is God in all of this?
    It wasn't easy but I had to do it. I had to divide my days up into 15 minute segments. Then I kept a journal with that framework for weeks. Each night I had to answer the question--where was God in my day?Today was a little like that. First I… Read more »
  • Light in a Thread
    I read a summary of the Princess and the Goblin today. I'm surprised I have not read it before but I plan to soon. I have been looking over many of my notes on Celtic spirituality where I came across the mystical story. I have often known people who could… Read more »
  • Two Books One BIG Idea
    Most of you know that the experience of reading connects people with bigger ideas. I am always looking for the bigger ideas to encourage others in faith formation for a cross-generational spirituality in my congregation. By "bigger," I'm seeking the larger, life transforming experiences that embrace the universe and not… Read more »
  • Soul Stuff: The Quest for the Holy Wow, Pythagorean Beauty and Calvin's Well-Furnished House
    One would reason that with all the things that we think are beautiful, that the Bible would be filled with references to beautiful people, places, and things. Actually, the Bible is pretty soundless when it comes to the word “beauty” as we use it. I was shocked when I finished… Read more »
  • Where Do You Go to Nurture Your Own Soul?
    Sitting on the couch yesterday after my first sermon on practices of the soul, I realized that I had never done much of a study on what most Christians believe about souls. If, like, the gospels say, Christians should love God with all their hearts, their SOULS, their minds, and… Read more »
  • The Eye of the Pleiades: Soul Stuff: Spiritual Disciplines for the Everyday
    Job 38:1-8, Matthew 6..Today we begin our Sizzling Summer Sermon Series for 2018. The sermons don’t sizzle, but the summer does around here, so the alliteration is a more about growing in our faith through a new interior thoughtfulness even when it is too hot outside to think.So, let me… Read more »
  • Reflections on Memorial Day, 2018
    A Time for War, A Time for Peace: Memorial Day, 2018Dr. Emmett Powers, Senior PastorSt. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Beaumont, TexasMay 27, 2018 Robert O’Neill, the seal who eliminated bin Laden wrote something that reminds us about why memorial day should mean something thoughtful beyond picnics and days off. He said,… Read more »
  • Needless to say . . .
    I have been away a while. Life gets busy sometimes. I'm excited as ever about Easter coming. I remember hearing a preacher say that Friday is here, but Sunday is coming. I gave never forgotten that trip to attend the Billy Graham School of Evangelism in Washington. I don't remember… Read more »
  • Post-Modern or Radically Modern?
    As a minister I try to stay engaged with emerging patterns of worship. Post-modern models have bought into the idea that the enlightenment period is over with. The thinking is rationalism has in some way failed humanity. Since modernity is a product of the enlightenment period we can no longer… Read more »